10 Poses You Should Include in Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos


Knowing how to position for your wedding photoshoot in Singapore will make couples seem picture-perfect in every image, yet posing may be intimidating.

Most wedding pose blunders are caused by the couple acting stiff and unnaturally. That is why wedding photographers and video graphers advise the couple to act as if they are not present. Here are some common wedding photo positions to think about for your special day.

Admiring the gown

Brides wait months, years, and sometimes a lifetime to wear the perfect wedding gown. That’s why photographers adore photographing her admiring the bridal gown before she puts it on.

Completing the Vows

While there are several must-have getting-ready photographs to capture, we find photos of the newlyweds wrapping off their vows to be particularly touching. They’re also a terrific way to capture the getting-ready look without being too noticeable.

Putting Earrings On

When the big day approaches, you won’t want to overlook any details. This unique action shot emphasises important accessories, such as earrings, engagement rings, heirloom bracelets and beautiful bridal henna.

Putting on Shoes

Who does not believe that a single pair of shoes may transform our lives? While you may not consider a view of you putting on your shoes to be especially interesting, photographers use this position to capture the footwear and gain a new perspective on the dress details.

Buttoning the Suit

The iconic buttoning-of-the-jacket stance may be found everywhere, from red carpets to wedding halls. And for a good reason: the motion highlights the watch and cufflinks without becoming overly detailed.

Tying a Bow Tie

Photographers appreciate capturing critical moments during wedding preparations for the groom, such as tying the tie. Lacing shoes and fixing the watch are two examples of similar shots.

Viewing the Bouquet

You’ll want to remember this position of reverently staring down at the bridal bouquet. It’s not only a lovely moment, but it also shows off the eye makeup while looking to be completely natural.


Wedding gowns are stunning from any perspective, but they really come to life when twirled. The finished image is vibrant and full of movement.

A Kiss on the Head

A delicate peck on the temples is one of the most picturesque kisses. Photographers frequently request at least a few of these adorable poses during portrait picture sessions.

First Impressions

Instead, allow the moment to unfold while fully accepting your emotions (tears and all), knowing that the photographer will catch every detail along the way.

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