How can I save money on my bridal gowns?

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2022 is the year of minimalistic weddings and making memories with your loved ones. Let’s start this year by pushing more positive energy in the universe and focusing on living a sustainable life. This article is all about having a budget-friendly wedding. We don’ have to focus solely on saving money on the bridal gownsbut on the overall concept of weddings in general.

The world is hit by covid for the past two years yet we have to start living with the fact that masks are the new normal and intimate weddings are a fashion now. If you’re in a good condition to take of yourself then you’ll be able to take care of others. Invite only close relatives to your weddings to prevent any mishappening later. I know it’s going to be hard to choose among the closest people and make them understand the fact that it’s all because of the pandemic. However, the smart ones will understand and send their blessing digitally. A small wedding is going to help you save a lot of money and sustain your health as well.

Now that we’re clear about the type of wedding we’re going to target let’s talk about how you can manage to make the most of it within the small budget:

1. Choose the banquet, farm, or staycation

Select a confined place where the wedding is going to be held and if you’ll be organizing the stay of the relatives days prior to the wedding. We’re all afraid of the fact that relatives must be going places and we won’t be able to track their activities days prior to the wedding. So a stay two days before the wedding is advised. Book a decent hotel with a thorough background check of their sanitation process and their previous covid cases within the staff. The bok some room for the close relatives and held the function within the premises of the hotel itself with no outside entry allowed. Buy designer bridal lehengas online for safety reasons.

If you think that the stay might be out of your budget then ask for an RTPCR of each guest and check their last 7 days’ activities individually. There’s a lot of manual labor involved but what’s necessary must be done.

Some people are even option for court marriage and have thrown a small dinner engagement later. If the intimate wedding is your thing then, this is a suitable consideration to make.

2. Don’t hire an even management

I know I am asking for a lot of work here but we’re just focused on what’s best for you. Hire a few tent people and provide them pictures of the mandap decoration, haldi stage, sangeet setup, etc. this is going to be easy for them to understand your needs and for you as well as you can decide the number of labor to enter the wedding and take their sanitation process individually with customized setups, and don’t forget that event management companies take hell lot of money just for basic customization.

I personally consulted an event manager for my sister’s bachelorette and the basic arrangement cost us up to 60k to 1L, we asked our nearby tent house, although it was a  struggle finding a suitable tent house, and they created similar arrangements for us within 16k. How cool is that! You might have to sit with them for each detailed arrangement but then, that’s what siblings are for, right?

3. Budget-friendly dresses

This is the only aspect where you might argue with the statement such as “I don’t want to sacrifice with my dress” “this is my day, i get to choose what to wear and from which brand” “it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” and we agree to it all.

All we can do is suggest you the better cost-effective alternatives, it’s pon you in the end whether to follow them or not. There are brands like DollyJ, Manish Malhotra that help the brides-to-be get the dress of their dream. They’re expensive brands but if you ask them to customize the bridal gowns according to your needs it might cost you a little less than what they’re offering the readymade designs.

Research about the kind d of dress you dream of and get it stitched through a boutique. Either you can provide them the fabric as well or they’ll get the hassle done for you. That’ll be within your budget that I can guarantee.

Many brides are even inkling towards twinning outfits with their groom or just simply silk sarees. Twining outfits price will be split between both the partners which in return is cost-effective for the both of you. And about the silk saree, it’s just as mesmerizing as seeing yourself as the queen of subtlety. We only want what’s best for you. If you like what we advised then do check out DollyJ’s new bridal gowns collection just for you.

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