Online bakeries help you getting cakes at affordable prices

Online bakeries


Many of the bakers, especially in smaller cities, will bring the cake to the specified address and will not take money for delivery. Craftsmen often collect multi-tiered cakes right before the celebration at the customer’s place. This is done so that on a large cake all the cakes sit in the place where they should be, do not slide out and the cream is in order, the mastic does not slip from the sides and the figures do not break.

Bakeries, on the other hand, collect even large multi-tiered cakes in the workshop. And how it reaches the consumer is no longer their concern. They baked a cake. They gave it to the customer intact. And the fact that he “went” with you is no longer their concern. It’s their own fault, they carried it carelessly. Therefore, free delivery from a private pastry chef is profitable and safe for your pastry. In addition, it saves you time and nerves. Also an important fact.

Price of the cake

Online cake delivery in Raikot today cannot be called cheap. Quite the opposite. But, many, considering all the pros and cons, agree that products from home confectioners are not so expensive. Judge for yourself. If you try to bake the same cake that you ordered from the pastry chef, then searching for products and buying them in monetary terms will form an impressive amount. And it will be more than what you paid for the cake. So it turns out that ordering cakes from private confectioners is profitable. You will save money, and you will save your nerves, and surprise your guests – you will kill several birds with one stone.

If we compare the prices in a pastry shop and at a private pastry chef for the same cake, for example, the famous honey cake, then the price of the second will be lower than the first. Since the cost of a cake consists of two components, decorative elements and the weight of the cakes themselves, confectioners call the cost of the cake per kilogram. If you can negotiate a discount with a private pastry chef, if it turns out that the cake option you like slightly exceeds the client’s budget, then such a number will not work with pastry shops, since all prices are already fixed. The client can only be offered a cake by weight a little less.

Order cake online

Based on the above, we can summarize that online cake delivery in Jalandhar from a MyBakers is profitable. And you can agree on the price, and choose the design that you like and deliver it where you need it. But as they say, each buyer decides for himself what and where is more profitable for him.

Ordering cake at home is an opportunity to give up the routine preparation of dishes and focus on the main thing. There is no need to waste time at the oven and spend evening in headache before guests arrive. MyBakers works around the clock, so you will definitely have time to order and eat your healthy and delicious cakes. Cake delivery allows you to spend time more efficiently and enjoy life more.

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