Top 10 Bridal Mehendi Designs for Weddings

Designs for Weddings


Mehendi is a compulsion when you are planning a wedding ceremony. It is simplistic, and it is a norm for all Brides in India. Mehendi is something we all like to wear, and this is the traditional attribute of a community bride. Mehendi is not just what you need for the wedding ceremony. Actually, it is super cute, stylish and everything else for it.

Bridal Mehendi Designs are super cute and super stylish. They happen to have the best combination. It is stylish and has the best design for the body. It is worn on the feet as well as on the hands. Such designs are quite common in India. It is special, well decorated and has the most extensive styles.

1.  Arabic Mehendi Design

Arabic Designs are super stylish. This is one of the best ways of making, a Bridal Mehendi Designs. It is eminent and has the best styles, it makes the best design and the most stylish. Arabic Mehendi Design is pretty awesome and has the most beautiful style for the hand.

2.  Dubai Mehendi Design

Dubai is one of the sub-branch styles for Arabic Mehendi Design. It is beautiful and has the prettiest pattern. It is stylish and has the prettiest baseline. Such designs are prominent and can be fully trusted.

3.  Floral Mehendi Design

If you are looking for a good and stylish Mehendi design, then always settle for designs which are complementing one another. It is pretty awesome for a simplistic Mehendi design, and you would love to wear it for the big day.

4.  Peacock Mehendi Design

Peacocks are exceptionally pretty birds, they happen to make the finest designs for a bird. Infact, I find Peacocks exclusively beautiful. They are ethnic and they make a Bridal Mehndi Design even more put together.

5.  Leafy Mehendi Design

If you are looking for a Mehendi Design with more details and something which is well-filled. Always ettle for Leafy and naturalistic henna art. Leafy Mehendi designs are special, and they make it so much full and well-filled. Honestly, this is worth every second you wait for the design,

6.  Intricate Mehendi Design

Intricacy is an art, and you will find uncountable designs like these with a regular Rakshabandhan Mehendi Design. It is super cute and has a very beautiful pattern. This is a pretty awesome Mehendi style, but you need to wait for a while while the Mehendi artists do it for you.

7.  Black and Red Mehendi Design

The usual Mehendi we use for the hands is definitely black in colour, whereas the red ones are simply red and glossy. Honestly, this is one of the best styles for Black and Red Mehendi Design and it hardly goes out of fashion.

8.  Mandala Mehendi Design

The mandala is one of the most famous designs for good old Mehndi art. Firstly it is super trendy and secondly, you can totally wear it for your big day. This is one of the best things we can do for Bridal Mehendi Designs.

9.  Circle Mehendi Design

The circle shape of the Mehendi makes it special, relevant and highly fashionable. Circle mehndi designs are way different from the usual ones. It is stylish, simplistic and highly fashionable.

10. Royal Mehendi Design

The Royal Mehendi designs have elements of royalty. Portraits and pictorial representations of kings and queens. Royal palaces and lots more. In a way, the Royal Mehendi Design has everything royal in it.

Well, these were some of the coolest and the most fashionable options for Royal Mehendi Designs. Trust me, you can totally make your own pattern, according to your personal choice of shapes, sizes, and styles.

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