Top 2021 Gifts for Every Type of Man

gifts for men


Gifts for men are a symbol of the connection between two people. They don’t have to be expensive, as long as they show that you care about your relationship with them and what matters most is their meaning behind it rather than how much money was spent on it.

While it can be tempting in today’s modern world to constantly be searching for the latest gadget available to steal the show, successfully giving gifts doesn’t require you to spend a lot of cash every time there is an occasion. The sentimental meaning behind it carries equal or more weight than its value.

When you go shopping for someone else, it’s difficult to keep your own preferences and desires out of the process. This can cause trouble when that person doesn’t like the gift or is pressured to return it later on.

We thought we’d give you a head start in the gift shopping department by categorizing the gifts by the main types of men one might encounter and by answering a few basic gift qualifying questions:

  1. Key Qualifying Questions before buying a gift to a man

Ask around a few of his friends or relatives to find out about his personal needs and what he values these days. He might be into collecting something or into building stuff;

What’s the main reason behind this gift? Are you trying to thank him, apologize for something you may have said or done, are you trying to celebrate something special, or trying to remind him of something that matters in life so he can stay focused, etc.

Pause for a minute and try to remember what you may have given him in the past or someone similar that really tanked;

Instead of trying to stand out, join the others in getting a group gift. Don’t beat other people because you don’t want everyone to get individual recognition for every occasion. Sometimes it’s okay if no one knows who gave what, especially for a boss or to a distant relative or a coworker you haven’t spent much time with;

The all too obvious question is what might this guy actually want? It’s easy for us all to end up with generic, cookie-cutter items that gather dust on our shelves or were forgotten about quickly after they’re opened;

Know the person. The last thing you would want is for your gag gift to offend or annoy them.

  1. What are the Main Types of Men
  • The Traditional Man

Now, you’ll know the traditional man. This is the guy at work who continually wears very conservative style clothing – they are usually really formal and like to stick with tradition and routine so it’s best if you give them a gift that matches this mindset as well like wine, chocolates, some golf accessories, a classic watch style, a top-selling autobiography of a celebrity he likes, a tie, a white shirt, solid color socks box.

  • The Innovator

In order to give a gift that will impress an innovative person, it has to be unique, wild, and different than your typical mainstream item. It might be something crafty, hand-made by a local artisan, or DIY style of gifts vs something too generic. It could be a custom gift you had made from one of their paintings, digitized photography they love to enhance it. An antique animal antler chandelier, a family tree wood frame, a framed map gift of your honeymoon trip in 3D, a custom t-shirt with a gag slogan, custom jewelry, a custom set of coasters, a personalized weekender bag with his initials on it, a novel, etc.

  • The Noticeable

Now, our next personality is the one that always stands out in crowds. This is the lively one in the group. You are going to know this person when they walk into an office or enter your life because they love making an entrance and making their presence known and never want you to forget them!

He likes attention and wants people around him to notice his talents, interests, etc., which could be anything like cutting edge brands, something big and bold (such as biographies of books/ How to think like Millionaires, The 7 things that successful people do, etc.), a Ray-Ban sunglass, a BOSE Bluetooth speaker, a bottle of champagne, a pair of the latest Adidas.  They will definitely appreciate it!

  • The Seductive

The seductive man has a soft touch, is a more sensitive person, aware of his feminine side, and loves romance novels and soft clothing. They also love their long hair because it is reminiscent of old-school romance movies, which they are big fans of. Their tone should be casual so that the person listening feels comfortable when talking to them about anything related to emotions or feelings.

  • The Native Man

This is the hassle-free man who doesn’t like to complicate things, wearing formal wear, arguments, or long intellectual explanations. Probably not your biggest fan of history movies/books/documentaries either. You may want to stick with manly things like home/hardware tools, gift cards, beer keg, fun adult toys, guns, knives, outdoors survival kits, fire torch, heavy-duty home appliances, high-pressure hose, BBQ accessories, grooming gift basket, hard liquor, sportsbooks, sports game tickets, hot sauce gift box, whiskey stones gift set, man cave accessories, etc.

  • The Rebellious

The Rebellious man is a bit more introverted, defiant, unruly in his taste or social habits. He may be turbulent and recalcitrant or rather quiet and avoiding attention altogether. He may be into tattoos, rock concert tickets, the collection of an artist he admires, or such as a provocative piece of art. Pay attention to their style, personality and it should speak to you. Look on his desk, in his car, have a coffee, and find out what he likes doing in his downtime. He might reveal how much he is into gaming, Comic-Con collectibles, or may be part of a WWII reenactor group. Gift ideas for the rebellious may involve Doc Martens boots, a Comedy Show, a sex toy, a whisky, scotch, black leather clothes, a piercing,  a loud t-shirt   “I do what I want”, an SNL anthology, a headset, etc.

For any male in your life, there are a ton of presents to choose from. The gifts for men  we’ve mentioned can be personal, sentimental, fun, practical, or professional. You don’t need to spend the big bucks nor go overboard with these items- you just need to make them feel special for their specific needs (whether it’s grandpa opening a box with a puppy staring at him or the girlfriend reminding you of your first date memory). Ask yourself how well you really know this person? What is he into? What does he want right now from life? Think about what will make him happy when receiving this present and you just might touch a sensible chord.

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