Unique Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

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For a tea lover there is nothing like too much tea!They love sipping their tea and are fond of all tea-themed items. If you know someone who is a tea lover, you would surely see a variety of teas and tea pots at their place, more than you can count. Thinking of a gifting something to a tea lover is not difficult. Still if you are struggling as to what unique item you can gift them, here we have listed down some interesting things that your tea lover friend would surely love. Read on to know:

1-ATea Set: A good tea set just adds to the whole tea drinking experience and who would know this better than a tea lover! These days, tea sets are available ina variety of designs, shapes and colour options to choose from. You can choose a unique style like a vintage, whimsical or classical price to surprise your tea lover friend. There are porcelain tea sets that include a teapot, sugar bowl and creamer. You can also look for matching tea cups, platters, saucers, trays etc that will go well with a tea set.

2-A Sample of New Tea Blends: Tea fanatics just love trying different varieties of tea. So a great gift option for them would be to give them a box of different tea blends that they have not tried before. You can head to san cha tea boutique in Delhi which is at Select Citywalk, and here you will find as many as 65 varieties of black, green, white and flavoured teas from different terrains of the country. Pick the flavours that you think your friend would love and pack them all to give a lovely surprise.

3-A Tea Infuser: Tea infusers are handy devices that help in brewing a cup of loose leaf tea. They are designed in such a way that tea leaves can be put into them while allowing them to expand and infuse their flavor completely. This helps in removing the leaves easily when the steeping time is over.Tea lovers would love this gift as it will help them whip up a perfect cup of tea. You can choose from a wide variety of tea infusers that are available these days. From basket infuser to tea pincer, fine mesh strainer and tea ball infuser, explore the variety and pick a one that you think your friend would love.

4-An Electric Kettle: Though every tea lover would surely have an electric kettle at home, but what you can do is look for a unique piece in a beautiful design. A good idea is to look for an electric kettle that comes with adjustable temperature settings as it allows one to check the temperature of the brew. So when you gift your friend this, you can be sure that your tea fanatic’s brew will always be made at exactly the right temperature. If you want to gift something unique, go for an electric kettle that contain smartphone integrations and the user can use it by switching it on and off from anyplace at home.

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