5 Tips on Choosing the Best Suit

5 Tips on Choosing the Best Suit


Even if fashion isn’t your thing, you’ll need to pick up your game when it comes to getting ready for your wedding. Before visiting a local tailor or formalwear store to find the best-fitting tuxedo, consult our shopping tips.

Do Not Delay

Even though getting a tuxedo may not take as long as getting a wedding dress in Singapore, you shouldn’t wait until the week before the wedding to begin shopping.

Ensure that you leave yourself time. It would be beneficial to have many fittings so that if we discover something we don’t like or need to make alterations, we can do so a few weeks before the wedding.

Coordination with Your Spouse

Even if you wish to maintain an element of surprise on your wedding day, you must consult with your partner before choosing your wedding attire. Obviously, this is your day as well, and you’ll want to stand out just as much as your partner, but your outfits should complement one another — you wouldn’t want to show up to the ceremony in a linen suit if they’re wearing a red carpet-ready ensemble. Discuss the style with your partner beforehand if you do not wish to bring them to your appointment.

Conduct Research

You’ve decided on your wedding attire and discussed it with your partner; now it’s time to start putting together your own look. Prepare yourself — and your consultant — by arriving at your appointment well-prepared. Peruse fashion magazines or the Internet to gain inspiration; search for cuts, fabrics, and styles that appeal to you. Bring images or notes to your meeting to help your consultant understand the appearance you’re attempting to create. The store may not have that style, but the consultants can find something comparable that suits your preferences.

Find a Reliable Retailer

As with tuxedos, not all formalwear shops are identical. Consider the retailer with the best selection, service, and expertise. Request recommendations from family, friends, coworkers, or your team of wedding professionals. A reputable store will continually update its stock with not only the most recent suit and tuxedo styles, but also accessories (if you see a purple polyester jacket with wide-notch lapels or baby blue ruffles, run.). In addition, it should have countless tuxedo styles (you can call ahead to inquire about its selection of tuxes) based on your budget and wedding style, as well as the staff who can correctly measure you and tailor your suit to fit your body perfectly.

Review the Fine Print

Before you sign the dotted line, inquire about deposits, alteration fees, and return dates if you are renting. It will be easier for everyone to keep track of their responsibilities if suit rental costs are distributed to the wedding party in advance. Since most rentals must be returned the day after the event, make arrangements with your best man to return them for you.

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