A Simple Guide on Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip Hop Jewelry


What is the first thing that comes into your mind when talking about Hip Hop music? Tupac? Notorious BIG? Dr. Dre? Eminem? Jay Z? Kanye? The bling? More than the artists or music they make, this culture is known for its flashy and excessive jewelry.

From Waka Flocka Flame’s Fozzie Bear Chain, worth $150,000, to Lil Wayne’s diamond-encrusted gold teeth, worth $150,000, their splurges are always the headline in this industry. This article will take a closer look at the fashion jewelry of the Hip Hop community, its history, as well as the various types of accessories.

Hip Hop Jewels: Everything you need to know

Hip Hop music has been about the artist’s struggles, experiences, life stories, oppression, and emotions. At least, the music started out this way. While the jewelry that rappers wear or flaunt symbolizes their power, wealth, and status, it is also a way to show the public how they overcame their struggles in life by wearing thousand dollars accessories.

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That is why it is not just for looks or aesthetics for these celebrities; it holds a lot more value and meaning. A reminder of what they have achieved over the years despite all odds. It shows beyond these pieces – to their homes, cars, and lifestyle. It becomes a culture that can inspire others to live this kind of life. But who can complain when these pieces look pretty cool and have rich culture?

A short history of Hip Hop jewel pieces


Ever since this genre originated in 1970, jewel pieces have been a considerable part of the culture. And from the get-go, it was used as a way to represent status and wealth. DJ Kool Herc popularized this type of music. The Excessive accessorizing was started by Kurtis Blow after the artist posed for his album cover wearing tons of gold chains.

By the start of the 80s, music started to be considered a huge part of mainstream music. As it grew, so did the jewel aspect of the industry. Rappers wore everything from rope gold chains (that artists like Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown wear today) to four-finger rings that Eminen usually wore, which we don’t see much anymore.

With time, more artists became part of this type of genre, and it was not a genre just for the black community. The bling and culture are always evolving. Artists like Lil Wayne and Nelly used grillz, which is a piece of jewelry worn over our teeth. And most artists began to wear personalized and customized pieces with their logo or rap name on them. Thanks to the biggest Hip Hop jewel makers like Ben Baller, Gabriel Jacobs, Elliot Avianne, and Johnny Dang.

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Different types of Hip Hop Jewelry

From iced out to gold plated pieces, here are some of the trendiest types of Hip Hop jewels.

Urban Pieces

These things are nothing but street pieces of jewelry or street wear. It includes simple pendants, rings, thin chains, and bracelets, which are usually layered with chains. There is also a chance that it is just a simple sparkly necklace like what Will Smith was using in his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show. These pieces are great for a normal-day look and when individuals want to layer with other jewels and go all out.

Rapper jewelry

Rappers love layers and layers of chunky and expensive jewels. Although they have their own preference and style, one thing these individuals have in common are gold chains with big pendants. And when we say big, we mean massive. Think of the giant diamond pending on Rick Ross’ face. Rap artists also love to wear three to five finger rings, where the rings are attached altogether.


If you want to feel and look like a total badass, here is how doing it with class and style. Wear bracelets, chains, and rings with dollar signs, crowns, lion heads, guns, and skulls. Also, grills, pendants, and nugget rings that usually say the word “Gangsta” is pretty popular in gangster jewels.


If you are someone that loves to rock hiphopjewelry on a regular basis, gold-plated accessories are best for you. We all know that gold is considered one of the most durable metals on the planet. Unlike customized jewels, it will not rust or fade. But investing in one is not cheap. That is why gold-plated jewels are people’s best option since they are much more affordable than gold-filled ones.

White gold

This thing is a mixture of pure gold and other metals like nickel, palladium, copper, zinc, and silver. Because of this, they are silver in color with a hint of yellow tinge. It is not the most durable material for a jewel, but it is relatively cheaper compared to its yellow gold counterpart. It is perfect to wear occasionally. It is more prevalent among women than men.

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