How Does Pico Laser Technology Work?

Pico Laser


The majority of common skin flaws, such as sun spots and acne scarring, can be treated with pico laser technology, a non-invasive, non-surgical laser skin therapy.

Pico laser technology is one of the most cutting-edge laser treatments available in the market today. It is safe, takes little recovery time, and may be used on the entire face and body. It also produces obvious, long-lasting benefits in fewer sessions than comparable solutions.

How is the Pico laser used?

The rapid, efficient, and extremely selective treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos is made possible using pico laser technology (in treatable colors). A softer, fuller, and more youthful complexion is the result of this laser’s enhancement of elastin formation in the skin.

The Pico laser machine operates by delivering heat-free, ultra-short energy pulses to specific problem locations. The powerful impact of the laser on the skin breaks apart any problematic skin pigment or particles. The body then naturally gets rid of these.

The Pico laser’s high level of accuracy enables the user to produce the ideal photo mechanical result. The laser’s action is mild on the skin’s outer layer despite its highly concentrated energy pulses. Patients often feel very little to no discomfort during their treatment because pico treatments do not burn the skin. 

What conditions may the pico laser treat?

Numerous different skin disorders and flaws can be treated with a pico laser. The most frequent ones are tattoo removal, scarring, and discolouration.

Pico laser for skin discoloration

Although they are not harmful, birthmarks, melasma, sun damage, and other skin blemishes can worry both men and women. Conventional treatments often have trouble removing discoloration.

A Picosecond laser is a cutting-edge technology that can lessen pigmentation caused by inflammation. The danger of heat injury can be reduced by practitioners’ ability to target particular regions and microscopic skin particles. Additionally, to target and eliminate surface pigmentation,

Pico lasers can be modified to produce a number of wavelengths and equipped with a range of applicators.

The best aspect is that one session can yield obvious results thanks to the strength and efficiency of pico laser technology. Additionally, it is secure, making it a preferred option for people with delicate skin.

Pico laser for scars from acne

Acne scarring can be very resistant to other proven treatment methods, frequently persisting for years and years.

Pico laser treatments can improve acne scars. Here’s how:

  • The laser damages a target area thermally.
  • Skin damage initiates the body’s natural healing procedure.
  • The stimulation of collagen formation results in skin remodeling and healing.

The efficiency of the Pico laser in treating scars has been proven by scientific investigations.

Six laser treatments were administered to trial participants in order to lessen face acne scarring. All results were satisfactory.

Also, patients were then asked to rate their level of discomfort objectively following each treatment.

Pico laser for tattoo removal

Pico laser treatments can be used to remove unwanted tattoos from any part of the body.

The high level of procedure specificity causes the tattoo pigments to break down more quickly, resulting in fewer treatments being necessary to get the desired results.

Although pico lasers can be helpful, no laser can take away all of the vibrant hues from a tattoo. Following black and grey ink in terms of ease of cleanup comes dark green ink. Neon, brilliant purple, and yellow are the hardest hues to get rid of.

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