Make it official: why stunning engagement rings are important

engagement rings


There are few more exciting times in a young couple’s lives than getting engaged. The world feels fresh, anew with the promise of joyous times and years of matrimonial love to come!

Naturally, the promise of marriage comes with the exchange of rings between the happy couple, with the most enchanting blue sapphire rings Sydney has available now becoming a wedding standard.

But why are engagement exchanges so important? What emphasis is placed on this exchange that differentiates them from their wedding counterpart? And why do we still love exchanging them before the special day?

Well, we thought we would share a little information on the importance of this exchange, and why you should certainly continue this wonderful tradition with your soulmate:

1. It makes the whole thing official!

It is generally important for soulmates to make their union official, so exchanging this very special keepsake is a fabulous way to display your love and commitment to your soulmate.

It’s a given that a soulmate should receive a stylish engagement ring for their marriage proposal. A blue sapphire design is a beautiful step away from the traditional diamond style, as it is a bold and profound style, and one that perfectly emanates one’s love for their soulmate.

2. It helps express your love for your soulmate

The best time to propose is when you’re both ready to take this exciting and important step in your lives. Therefore, it will also be a time when you know exactly how to display your love for your soulmate, including the perfect engagement keepsake that he or she will love forever.

3. It’s an age-old tradition

People have been exchanging engagement rings for a very long time, tracing all the way back to Ancient Rome, in fact, and the tradition seems unlikely to falter any time soon.

Weddings are a time when the hearts of even the most sarcastic cynics melt and they become excited at the prospect of being loved in holy matrimony, so why not stick with this darling tradition and give your soulmate one of the most charming, endearing and loving aspects of the whole joyous process?

4. It’s a societal norm

Not that we’re telling you to align with societal norms, but, hey, your wedding only comes around once in a blue moon, so why not enjoy all the fun of the norms that come with it, regardless of how antiquated or cheesy you might find it?

After all, many brides and grooms want to do things the way they’ve always been done, and so they might want to receive this special memento as that’s the way their friends and family have done it before them. They can compare and even show off their rings to them as opposed to saying the old, “oh, we thought that whole thing was silly…” tropce (yawn!).

Enjoy yourself, enjoy this special part of your lives together, and enjoy the fun and frivolity that comes with it – this includes this lovely little exchange of love, trust and commitment.

5. They look amazing, obviously…

When you consider blue sapphire designs (among others) it’s easy to see why your soulmate might want to receive one of these gorgeous mementos. This is something that can be worn up to and after the wedding, a lovely keepsake that your bride or groom-to-be will keep with them for a lifetime – what’s wrong with continuing the tradition to reflect such a wonderful occasion?

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