Moldavite Crystals 101 : Cost, Benefits, How to Use it and what does it do?

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Looking to add Moldavite crystal jewelry to your collection? Read on! We will help you learn everything about the beautiful green crystal, and help you figure out if it is right for you or not.

What is a Moldavite Crystal?

Did you know that Moldavite is a natural glass that was formed by a meteorite hitting Earth roughly 15 million years ago? Yes, you read that right! The heat of the collision between the meteorite and Earth caused it to form naturally. Needless to say, this crystal is extremely rare and difficult to find.


Since Moldavite is not readily available (being about 15 million years old,) and highly sought after, the cost is slightly on the expensive side. An unprocessed crystal can cost somewhere between 2-25 USD per gram, whereas the cost of an unfragmented crystal can sore up to 35-40 USD a gram.

Like you can probably tell by now, the cost of Moldavite jewelry would depend on a variety of factors such as the quality of the crystal used and its weight. Generally speaking, Moldavite rings can cost somewhere in between $400 – $650. Moldavite necklaces, on the other hand, begin at around $450 and range all the way up to $2800. You can check out our entire Moldavite jewelry collection here.

What does Moldavite jewelry Do?



So, what is the point of it all? Are there any benefits of wearing Moldavite? The short answer is – yes. There are a ton of benefits and healing properties that this crystal possesses. Let us go over each of them:

Chakra Healing:

A Moldavite crystal is most commonly used to cleanse and activate certain chakras. It mainly benefits the crown, third eye and heart chakra, by opening up the channels of communication between the different chakras. This leads the chakras to become more balanced.

Cleanses Negative Energy:

Moldavite is said to have cosmic energy that helps cleanse negativity. There is a reason why Moldavite is referred to as “The stone of transformation.”

Moldavite can bolster your motivation to help you take the desired actions you need in order to succeed.

Spiritual Elevation and Transformation:

Moldavite is long believed to help with spiritual awareness. It can help those with deep-rooted negative memories and emotions. The energy of this crystal can help with higher self-awareness, thus offering clarity of thought and vision. It is also known to help with meditation and healing.

Physical Healing:

This crystal also possesses abilities to heal physical conditions, by eliminating the root cause of the condition. It is also used to attain a calm state of mind by balancing the crown chakra. A theory suggests that human beings are either left-brained or right-brained, meaning that one side of the brain is dominant. Moldavite crystals physically heal the brain by bringing equilibrium to the left and right brain lobes.

How to Use Moldavite?

The crystal can be used for a variety of purposes in a variety of different ways. The purpose of using this crystal can range from activating the law of attraction to emotional healing. Following are the different ways in which you can use a Moldavite crystal:

Hold it in your left hand under the sunlight:

Did you know that crystals are known to hold energy? So, if you buy a used crystal, it can still hold energy from its previous owner. It goes without saying that there is no definite way to find out if that energy was positive or negative.

The solution to this problem is simple! You can cleanse your crystal with the help of sunlight, while also using it simultaneously.

When you hold the crystal in your left hand, you should feel slight tingling, followed by some warmth in your chest.

Manifestation by wearing it as jewelry:

If you are a believer in the law of attraction, Moldavite can help you with manifestation too! All you need to do is affirm what you want to manifest. Once that is done, you will need to wear your Moldavite jewelry and visualize achieving your dreams.

Remember, this alone will do nothing. You will need to put in work to actually get what you want. Moldavite only amplifies your intentions.

Meditate while looking at the crystal:

Moldavite is believed to aid concentration when meditating. If you look at the crystal when or before meditating, it helps you connect with your higher self. Alternatively, you can wear your Moldavite jewelry for better clarity when meditating.

So, that was everything you needed to know about Moldavite crystals. Hopefully, you will now be able to make up your mind on what crystal to buy and whether or not Moldavite jewelry is for you.

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