Pros and Cons of Traditional Makeup

Pros and Cons of Traditional Makeup


For brides, choosing the right type of makeup is crucial for their wedding day and pre-wedding celebrations alike. These events generally last longer. So, one needs to pick the makeup type that enhances their appearance best and is easier to manage.

Typically, one can decide between two types. Traditional makeup involves regular makeup products that one must apply with brushes or the hand. On the other hand, airbrush makeup occurs via a trigger-controlled painting gun that sprays the makeup on the skin.

The former application is more common, but it comes with both advantages and disadvantages. To understand if you should stick to conventional makeup application or switch, here are its pros and cons.

Pros of Traditional Makeup

Here are three of the main advantages of putting on a traditional type of makeup including CONTOUR .

● Can last up to 12 hours

Most of the conventional makeup products come with a long-lasting guarantee. During weddings, brides prefer using products that do not remove easily and can last throughout the day and night celebrations.

Here, it is important to note that the endurance of these products does depend on the brand type and product composition. Some notable makeup brands use stronger formulas; professional makeup artists would apply the right type of product with superior quality for you.

Moreover, during the application, layers of regular makeup like a primer and then the full coverage foundation stick to the skin for a longer duration. You may have to reapply certain products, like lipstick, frequently.

● Easy to apply

Regular makeup is very easy to apply for most users. Indeed, cream-based or liquid-based products need sponge or brush applicators for blending. Also, makeup professionals use their fingers to blend particular light makeup types, too.

Furthermore, the versatility of Traditional makeup is visible in terms of its range as well. Indeed, you can select between different hues or blend two or more colors to form your skin-tone-compatible shade to apply.

● Cost-effective compared to airbrush makeup

For consumers, the number of products or the type of makeup look they want depends on personal preference. Here, makeup artists can use fewer makeup products for you if you like a minimalist look or many products if you prefer glamorous styles.

Regardless, the makeup products individually have a range of prices and many varieties have budget-friendly pricing. Brides can choose between different types like lipsticks, eye shadow kits, foundation, and brush kits for their makeup.

On the other hand, buying one spray gun for the airbrush technique or the entire kit can get expensive.

Cons of Traditional Makeup

The following are three disadvantages of wearing regular makeup.

● Heavy on skin

Products for conventional makeup applications have a thicker formula. So, putting on many layers of these products on the skin can make the appearance heavy and cakey. For brides, this is not appropriate; this is more prominent in images and videos as well.

Moreover, the chemicals present in many of these products can cause skin damage after prolonged or multiple uses. It would affect the texture of the skin, dry up the surface layer, and cause allergies.

● May cause a build-up of bacteria

Applying traditional makeup typically involves brush or sponge-based applications. After usage, many people do not wash these items carefully. This results in leftover makeup sediments remaining in the brush fibers.

It is important to clean the applicators regularly after each use; bacteria generates faster on dirty makeup residue. When the makeup artist uses one brush for their next skin, this would pass the bacteria to them and can result in skin infections.

Overall, clean these items carefully. The same goes for lip pencils that professionals or brides themselves directly apply to the skin. Here, use an alcohol-based solution to wipe the pencil.

● Needs touch-up

Most of the regular makeup products are not smudge-resistant or fully waterproof. Therefore, they quickly smudge and the bride or their makeup artist has to reapply constantly.

Why choose airbrush over traditional makeup?

Overall, you should consider using the airbrush technique over traditional makeup for its many benefits. Here are five of these reasons.

● Lightweight

Conventional makeup products have a thicker and dull consistency. In contrast, airbrush makeup has an ultra-granulated and concentrated mist. While it sticks to the skin of the wearer, a bride would barely feel anything is present on the skin.

Therefore, one would have a more comfortable time when they are wearing airbrushed makeup.

● Uses a small amount of makeup

During the airbrush application, professionals use a trigger-controlled spray gun. This diffuses the mist of makeup solution onto the skin and provides full coverage.

Compared to regular makeup when you have to apply a lot of products on the skin, an airbrush involves minimal application. Also, this factor contributes to the long-lasting benefit of airbrush products.

● Perfect for most skin types

Airbrush type of makeup suits different types of skin adequately. Typically, hydrated skin has the best compatibility with this makeup approach. The only skin type that this style does not suit perfectly is dry skin. Here, the skin would look flaky and can reach negatively to dry skin after application.

For the best results, consult with a professional makeup artist or dermatologist, and get a skin test.

● It’s waterproof

The airbrush products are typically made of a silicon base which makes it a durable and waterproof solution. Indeed, after makeup artists apply airbrush makeup for the bride, the product absorbs consistently into the skin. Thereafter, even applying water on the epidermis, like rain or sweating, cannot easily remove the cosmetic layering.

 To note, the airbrushed look is neater as well and the user requires zero or highly limited touch-ups.

● Gives lasting looks

The silicon base in the airbrush products is useful for keeping the makeup intact even after close contact or touching. Indeed, during weddings, brides accept congratulatory touch-based signs of affection like hugs, and kisses, and touch from guests. Airbrush makeup is resilient and does not remove easily; so, this is more useful.

What is included in Zoylee’s airbrush makeup package?

Through the Online salon booking app- Zoylee, you can avail of multiple offers, like the Zoylee airbrush makeup package.

This includes a variety of products and tools for different aspects of makeup and personal grooming. Some of them include an airbrush makeup application gun, gold, and O3+ facial packs, manicure/pedicure kit, wax, and brushes.

Before choosing any products, research them and the ingredients present carefully. Moreover, take the help of professional makeup artists for guidance and the makeup application itself during the event for the best outcome.

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