The Perfect Scoop: How to Choose the Best Ice Cream Machine for Your Needs

Best Ice Cream Machine


Ice cream is the most sought-after dessert, and it is therefore available in every restaurant, coffee house, cafeteria, and shop.

In most establishments, you will find they make their own ice cream to ensure optimal flavor profiles, texture, and quality. Therefore, you will find that most of these establishments house at least one ice cream machine.

Choosing the best ice cream machine for your needs largely depends on a few factors, such as:

How often you will use it

How big the batches will be

Restaurants, cafeterias, and shops usually require large-capacity ice cream makers, whereas at home, you can buy a small-scale machine.

Ice cream machines generally come in two sizes: batch freezers and continuous freezers.

Batch freezers are affordable machines that can make ice cream in large batches but take more time. Batch freezers freeze the ice cream mix in batches, whereas continuous freezers do it constantly and are therefore more expensive but ideal for making large volumes of ice cream.

Here at Yogurshop, we offer a variety of machines ( Máquinas de helado ) for small and large-scale production. Each one of our machines has distinct characteristics that can be adapted to the needs of each establishment.

What’s more, with our machines, you can produce different flavors, shapes and get as creative as you want.

Maintenance for our Ice Cream Machines

Many people find ice cream machine maintenance to be a hassle; just ask McDonald’s—their machines are constantly broken and cost a fortune to repair. However, with us you won’t have to worry about the maintenance of the ice cream machine. We ensure exemplary maintenance and will ensure your machine survives for the longest duration and remains in good shape.

Spare Parts for Your Ice Cream Machine

To ensure your machine is adaptable and can complement different purposes, we provide spare parts that are essential for its functioning. These spare parts will ensure that your machine runs smoothly, gets the job done, and reduces the likelihood of functional failure.

For smaller machines, the ice cream machine cart is important for versatility. Additionally, you will find that silicone joints, matic axes, O rings, and other parts are also necessary for the proper functioning of the machine.

What’s more? The belts and valves are also part of the spare parts accessories that are needed for periodic changes and maintenance purposes.

Some of our best-selling ice cream machines

The Gelmatic HPC 135C High Performance Soft Ice Cream Machine

This is a high-production machine that can produce up to 35 kg of ice cream. It is a tabletop version that comes with a 20-liter tank, a 3.5 litre cylinder, and the latest generation anti-heat air pump.

This model contains a stainless steel stirrer, a semi-hermetic compressor, and a power supply of 380V/415V at 50 Hz.

Gelmatic Matic 500 PM 380V connection

Our Gelmatic Matic 500 ice cream machine is a soft machine that has an air pump and three shooters. This lovely machine has a 1.7-liter batch freezer as well as a 9-liter refrigerator and can produce two flavors.

The Gelmatic Matic 500 PM 380V connection has a 36 kg per hour capacity and a 6-month warranty.

Ice Cream Machine 380 V Second Hand

If you are on a tight budget, you might want to check out our second-hand 380-volt ice cream machine that is in good condition. It comes with a 6 month warranty and can yield 51 liters. This device comes with an air pump and mixture injector. Moreover, the freezing cylinder capacity is 3.2 L. This is ideal for soft ice cream, sundaes, cream, and other flavors.

No matter at what capacity you need to produce ice cream, we have a machine for all your needs. Check out our website for more information on our available models and spare parts.

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