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Crystal necklace is a unique piece of artwork that never goes out of fashion. Therefore, it is interesting to know more about jewelry art.

We have been fascinated to understand the origin of crystal jewelry. We all love gemstones which are elegant pieces of material in crystal jewelry.

Interestingly the first and oldest gem was found way before 4.4 billion years ago. Since then, gems have always amazed people and are associated with jewelry.

We can say that gems have been available since the dawn of man on earth. Most of us are drawn to these tiny little things with so much beauty.

Currently, it is a part of the jewelry business around the globe. This article will talk about a few fun facts and details.

It is interesting to know about these beautiful rocks, which we love as jewelry. So let us dive right into the main part and understand them better.


History Behind the Love for Crystal Jewelry:

Much like most modern words. The word crystal also comes from the Greek word “krystallos.” The actual meaning of this word is a mythical ice palace in Greek legend.

In this palace, Olympian gods were residing together. But, according to their legend, not even the sun has the power to melt it.

It is a wonderful creation that cannot be destroyed or altered. This is the main reason Crystal jewelry is highly precious.

This is one of the unique fun facts you can have. But, most importantly, humans have always used crystal jewelry.

As long as humans have lived on the earth. It is a fact that they used crystal jewelry for a long period.

Even now, it is one of the preferable and precious pieces of artwork. According to reports, architects have also found a unique piece of artwork.

They found beads which are carved out of mammoth ivory. After studies, it was found that they were 60,000 years old.

All those graves are located in Sungir, Russia. So, we can clearly say that love for crystal was always among humans.

They have been available for more than a Millennium on earth.

Important Facts on Different Types of Crystals:

We can say that every crystal and gemstone jewelry has interesting backstories. So, it is surprising to see that most of them are old, and people have been using them for multiple years.

We have listed down a few interesting facts that can amaze you. These facts are related to crystals of different kinds used in crystal jewelry.


Swarovski crystals are not a natural-born gem-like most of the crystals. Instead, they were crafted by humans, and their origin is from Austria.

It is a piece of handicraft that is precious enough to use in crystal jewelry. The first handmade crystal was crafted in the late 1800s.

Swarovski is responsible for creating the first lead glass crystal diamond. As a result, it is commonly known as the Swarovski diamond.

He is a genius who invented the machine to create precision-cut gems. As a result, the machine can create premium quality and sparkly lead glass crystals.

Till now, they are producing them by maintaining the industry standard. Currently, the company is named Swarovski crystal company.

They follow a specific composition for These gems. It includes quartz, sand, and different other minerals.

Although we cannot exactly get the proportions, they are used in the making. This is a company secret that has been stored for centuries.

The last 5 generations of the Swarovski family continue to craft these unique crystals.


There are several interesting facts about the garnet gemstone. First, this crystal is the boss stone for babies born in January.

This stone is also important for representing the second anniversary of any married couple. The word garnet comes from the Latin word “Garanatus.”

The meaning of this word is seedlike, which refers to the pomegranate seeds. Even this gem has been around for centuries on earth.

According to reports, the date can go far back 3000 BC. Architects have also found beads made out of this crystal in the young man’s tomb. Apart from this fact, it also confirms the durability of this precious stone
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