Men’s Gold Chains -What’s the Right Length& Size?

Rope Chains for Men


 The use of chains dates back decades ago. They were used by loyal courts in the medieval era as an award to trustworthy people. But today, they have evolved to become trendy fashion accessories for many. An example is men’s gold chains, they are a symbol of power and boldness, and you can use them to complete different outfits.

Men’s gold necklaces come in different sizes and lengths, and understanding how to choose the right dimensions goes a long way. Which is the most suitable size and length? This is a common question among most men, and it’s now time to find out.

What’s the best size& length?

The length of a chain defines its size. But, the length determines its exact position on your neck. There are different factors to consider when selecting the length, and you can go for short, mid-length, or long chains. Short-style chains tend to rest just around the neck and are excellent choices when you want to expose the area around your neck.

Can I tell you more? Short chains can fit different clothing styles, and you can wear them under your shirt to make your chain more noticeable. Similarly, mid-length chains are longer than their short counterparts. They suspend right below the neck’s base and at the top of the breastbone.

Due to their length, they are more visible, and many will spot them whether you wear open short collars or T-shirts. Also, long gold chains are most suitable for casual than formal outfits. Sample the wide selection at and choose the best design for your event.

 The last category is the long chains, and they make excellent choices if you wish to add a pendant to your chain. This way, your pendant will be more visible than with other chain-length necklaces.

 What are the different sizes available?

 When buying men’s gold chains, you have to be very precise about the length. All chains are calibrated in inches, making it easy to tell the right match for you. The common chain lengths for men are;

16-18 inches

  These are the shortest and create the illusion of a choker. They fall at the base of your neck and are easily noticeable.

20 inches

 These chains are longer than 18 inches but not too long. They are excellent choices for people who don’t fancy too short chains. These chains will rest between your collarbone and the second button.

22-24 inches

 If you feel that the 20 inch is too small, the 22-inch piece would be ideal. The chain will rest in the middle or slightly above the sternum, but your height will determine iits position.

30 Inches 

The 30 inches chain is presumably the longest chain available. It’s worn outside a shirt due to its length but shouldn’t be paired with a pendant.

 The bottom line

 A gold chain will enhance your style and looks if you pair it right. Choose high-quality pieces, and choose the best size and length. Also, consider the karats, for this determines the pureness of the gold. You can get quality pieces from most leading stores, and there’s a wide variety to choose from.

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